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Nicolle Rochelle realized that she was born to sing and perform at the age of 5 years old. Soon after announcing the news to her parents she began training in acting, singing, and dancing and earned her first big role on the TV series Shining Time Station alongside Ringo Starr. She went on to be a series regular and guest star on many other television shows including The Babysitters Club, The Cosby Show, Here and Now, Clarissa Explains it All, NYPD Blue, Third Watch, Law and Order, SVU : Special Victims Unit, The Chappelle Show: The Lost Episodes, Summertime Switch, and The Vernon Johns Story starring James Earl Jones. She was awarded a principal role in many different films, theatre and musical theatre productions on and off Broadway, such as Tales from The Darkside: The Movie, Someone Like You, Adrift in Manhattan, Shakespeare in the Park’s Henvy 5 with Liev Schrieber, Limonade Tous Les Jours with Alan Alda, and Fame on 42nd Street at the Little Shubert Theatre.

In 2006, she arrived in France to star as Josephine Baker in the musical theatre production «Looking For Josephine» created by well-known French director Jérôme Savary. After starring in the 4-year international tour performing in 3 different languages and playing in more than 10 countries, Nicolle has continued her career primarily in Europe by joining French pop electro-swing group "Ginkgoa" and singing with different orchestras such as Laurent Mignard's Duke Orchestra, The Fantastic Harlem Drivers, The Hot Antic Band, The Hot Sugar Band, The Archie Shepp Big Blues Band, The Funk Orchestra in Austria, The Barcelona Jazz Orchestra and The Jove Big Band de Girona in Spain, and The Yerba Buena Creole Rice Jazz Band in Switzerland where she sang and performed the role of Billie Holiday in a series of special theatrical concert productions. She can also be seen performing around the world in places such as Argentina, Portugal, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Finland, and Japan as an invited guest with big bands or well-known boogie woogie and blues pianists including Christoph Steinbach, Richie Loidl, Jean-Paul Amouroux, Balázs Daniel, and Julien Brunetaud, with whom she has a blues, jazz, and soul band called : Nikki & Jules.


Nicolle’s passion for the arts extends equally to dance as she continues to study, practice, and perform a multitude of dance styles including ballet, modern, contemporary, samba, reggaeton, hip hop, house, jazz roots, and lindy hop.  On occasion, she will teach classes and workshops in the style of Authentic Jazz Roots dance, Electro-Swing dance, vocal technique, and drama. Working professionally since the age of 7 years old and gaining experience as a performer in many domains, Nicolle has most recently been invited as an American arts education expert and performer by the US Embassy in Hungary, and the French Embassy in China and Saudi Arabia.  With her newest musical project «Modern GEAIsha» as an artist imploring all to GET knowledge, GAIN perspective, and GIVE back to self and others, she will be singing, rapping, dancing, painting and exploring themes of humanism, feminism and the language of self with a Hip Hop Jazzy House Pop style as well as offering workshops and talk-backs in combination with the concepts of the concert.

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